The Undercover Boss’s Blueprint for Empire Building: Jeff Dudan’s Story at HomeFront Brands

Joining me today is Jeff Dudan

Jeff is the Chairman and CEO of HomeFront Brands. 

Jeff  is a seasoned business builder, Undercover Boss, and former college football player. He went to Florida to paint in the wake of Hurricane Andrew and two years later launched AdvantaClean, a national restoration franchise that had 240 locations in 37 states when Jeff exited the company in 2019.  

He is a published author, podcaster, Forbes contributor, speaker, and consultant to emerging brands.

Homefront Brands is an organization that holds a number of emerging residential and light commercial property service franchised brands. Through their network of growth partners, leading support systems, and in-house consumer acquisition and customer care services, they accelerate growth for founders and their franchisees.

Homefront Brands exist to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and positively impact communities, franchisees, employees, and families. 

I hope you enjoy today’s discussion with Jeff Dudan from HomeFront Brands.

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