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Franchising as an investment vehicle with Jon Ostenson of FranBridge Capital

Joining me today is Jon Ostenson. Jon serves as CEO of FranBridge Consulting and Capital, where he and his partners own 17 territories across 5 property service franchises. Jon is the author of ‘The Franchise Path’ and is a frequent contributor and thought leader for publications on the topic of franchising and franchise investments. Prior...

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Franchise Opportunity: Nutrition HQ with Ricky Hall

Joining me today is Ricky Hall.   Ricky is the Founder and CEO of Nutrition HQ.  An emerging nutrition and supplement retail brand. Ricky was a former multi-unit owner of two other national nutrition retail brands and has taken the best of what he learned over a 25 year career to create Nutrition HQ.   Nutrition...

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Franchise Opportunity: Fitness Machine Technicians with Sarah Brown

Joining me today is  Sarah Brown Sarah is the Franchise Development Manager with Fitness Machine Technicians. Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in the maintenance and repair of equipment for commercial and home exercise facilities. Fitness Machine Technicians was recognized as a Franchise Dictionary Magazine Top 100 Gamechanger for 2020 and an Entrepreneur Magazine Fastest Growing Franchise...

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Franchise Opportunity: Runningboards Marketing with Calvin McNeely

Joining me today is  Calvin McNeely Calvin  is the Co-Founder and CEO of Running Boards Marketing.  Runningboards Marketing is a Digital Mobile Billboard Company and the first franchise of its kind. Their Digital Advertising Vehicle (DAVE for short) has high-impact LED screens to drive client messages right to their target audience.  Runningboards Marketing was recognized...

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Franchise Opportunity: Senior Care Authority with Laura Alexander

Joining me today is  Laura Alexander Laura is the VP of Franchise Development with Senior Care Authority Senior Care Authority is an award winning brand that offers Eldercare consulting. Senior Placement provides assistance to help identify the best location for seniors to live and be cared for at no additional cost to families. This unique...

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What is a franchise area developer? A conversation with Paul Dorsey from Jantize America

Joining me today is Paul Dorsey Paul is the General Manager of Jantize America which is a commercial cleaning franchise.  Jantize America has a proven that this “Area Developer” concept will allow professional sales and marketing executives to capitalize on the $128 billion dollar commercial cleaning industry by the method of franchising. Paul and I...

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Franchise Opportunity: Boulder Designs with Butch Mogavero

Joining me today is Butch Mogavero Butch is the CEO of Boulder Designs as well as another franchise concept called Border Magic.  Boulder Designs builds incredible custom crafted Boulders. I know what you are thinking…..they sell rocks? Yes, and you have to check them out to believe some of these creations. In addition to Boulders...

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Franchise Opportunity: My Backyard Sports with Michael Kraner

Joining me today is Michael Kraner.  Michael is the Founder, the CEO and the Chief Sports Officer of My Backyard Sports.    My Backyard Sports designs and builds incredible customized courts such as basketball, tennis and pickleball for residential and commercial use. Michael has been recognized as a successful technology entrepreneur and past member of...

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