Using your 401K to fund a franchise purchase with Kelly Krueger

Joining me today is Kelly Krueger. Kelly is a Senior Consultant with Tenet Financial Group which offers small business funding solutions.  Kelly  has a decade of experience helping clients obtain the funding needed to turn their dreams of business ownership into reality.  Kelly helps her clients understand all of their funding options, allowing them to make informed, educated decisions. 

Topics covered: 

* One of the most common ways to use retirement funds to fund your franchise is what the IRS calls “Rollover for Business Start-ups”  or “ROBS” for short. Other common names for it are “401(k) Business Financing” or “ROBS 401K”. 

* Setting up a ROBS transaction can be complex. The ROBS plan  needs to follow specific steps so that it doesn’t incur any tax penalties or other problems. Working with an experienced provider like Tenet Financial  makes sure the entire process runs smoothly.

* What are the advantages of using the ROBs 401 K plan to finance my franchise instead of other financing options?

*Which retirement plans are eligible for ROBS?

*Do I have to roll all my retirement savings into my new business with ROBS?

* Do I have to quit my job to start or buy a business with ROBS?

*What’s the process and costs involved in working with Tenet Financial to set a ROBS 401K plan?

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