Franchise Opportunity: Ellie Mental Health      

Joining me today is Chris Pash and Hallie Corbett from Ellie Mental Health. 

Chris is the  President and Co-Founder of Ellie Mental Health

Hallie is the Chief Operating Officer at Ellie Mental Health

Ellie Mental Health is a socially responsible outpatient mental health company, focused on providing an unparalleled client experience with high quality, creative, and innovative care, while  creating an employment experience where their employees are truly valued and treated with genuine care.

As the demand for quality mental health services continues to grow, the stigma around it has declined. Ellie Mental Health acknowledges this trend and is doing their part to address the demand by providing innovative mental health care for all ages to more communities across the country.

I hope you enjoy today’s discussion with Chris Pash & Hallie Corbett from Ellie Mental Health. 

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