Franchise Opportunity: 360 Painting with Matt Reeves of Premium Service Brands

Joining me today is Matt Reeves. 

Matt is the Senior Vice President of Franchise Development with Premium Service Brands. 

Premium Service Brands has a unique offering of 6 major home & commercial service franchise opportunities under one umbrella.

  • 360 Painting
  • ProLift Garage Doors
  • Handyman Pro
  • Maid Right
  • Kitchen Wise
  • Renew Crew

Topics Covered include: 

  • History of 360 Painting
  • How many locations does 360 Painting have? How many more can the US market support? 
  • Who is an ideal candidate for 360 Painting
  • Typical day for an owner of 360 Painting? 
  • What is a typical investment for 360 Painting? 
  • What is a typical buying/discovery process timeline?  
  • How are 360 Painting territories defined?  
  • What type of office facility is needed for 360 Painting? 
  • What’s the initial Training program look like for 360 Painting franchisees
  • Average number of employees?  
  • Is there a Seasonal component? 
  • Percentage of Exterior vs Interior painting work? 
  • Competition for 360 Painting franchisees? 
  • Typical customer for 360 Painting? 
  • Are there both  residential and commercial applications for 360 Painting?

Matt Reeves
Premium Service Brands
VP of Franchise Development
Office: 940.367.2300 

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